Villarreal Sydney has design the “Youth Squad” to create the best pathway to all our players.

All players will be coached by Villarreal CF´s UEFA qualified coaches.

The Youth Squad will consists of players selected by Villarreal Sydney Coaches that will follow an elite and exclusive program to develop the players, taking them to the next level.

Villarreal Sydney has 2 Youth Squads: Men and Women Squad. Both Squads will have a parallel development.

Villarreal Sydney will use its resources to create a program that adapts to our players’ requirements.

Players will train and prepare during the year to travel to Spain and join Villarreal CF (Player Development Program).

Villarreal Sydney Youth Squad players will be selected during the year by Villarreal Sydney Team.

Players could be selected by:

  • Attending one of our Youth Squad ID Clinics organized during the year.
  • Villarreal Sydney Scouts who are constantly watching games and looking for the next generation of players.

The Player Development Program (PDP) is a program designed by Villarreal CF with the goal to develop professional football players.

Villarreal CF’s strategy has been centered on creating an elite academy that attracts talent from all around the world. In order to do this, Villarreal CF has created a unique methodology system, built state-of-the-art facilities, and developed professional personnel so that every player that forms part of our system can center all their efforts in becoming the best player possible.

Thanks to this system, the team has developed professional players, that are currently competing in the best football leagues of the world, such as Rodri Hernández, Santi Cazorla, Gerrard Moreno and Pau Torres.

This program is focused around players age under 15 to under 19 and combines elite football program and the experience of training and develop in a professional football club.

Villarreal Sydney Youth Squad is the first step of the players pathway.

   Youth Squad players will have:

  Training 2 mornings per week with Villarreal Sydney coaches.
→  Fortnight Online Session with Villarreal CF coaches in Spain.
→  Individual Objetives to achieve during the year.
→  4 Weeks Training at Villarreal CF facilities in Spain.

   One of the key elements of improving as a football player is constantly analyzing   the game, in order to detect your areas for improvement, and emphasize your   training on those areas.

   Video analysis is also essential to provide evidence of all the improvements you have made as a player. Due to this, some training sessions will be recorded to detect the stronger and weaker points of the players game.